Fermilab Computing Sector

Working in the Computer Rooms


Obtaining Access to the Computer Rooms


Fermilab ID Card Application Form   (1. Obtaining a Fermilab ID Card)

Computing Division ID Card Security Access Activation Form  (2. Obtaining access to CD areas)

Computing Sector Controlled Access   (3. More detailed information)


Site Access Visitor Request Form (Obtaining a temporary Visitor ID Card)

Fermilab Sub-Contractor Safety Orientation class (FN000221/CR) (Pointer to training)

New Employee/User ES&H Orientation (FN000034/CR/00) (Pointer to training)

ES&H Training Attendance Form


Helpful Documentation


Procedures for Performing Work in CD Computer Rooms (Docdb)

Computer Room Hazard Analysis (Docdb)

Open Tiles in Computer Rooms

Working in the Data Center (Read this if working in the Data Centers)

Computer Room Tour Instructions


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